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Becoming a member agency Non-profit Partner (NPP) with the Volunteer Center has its benefits. The Volunteer Center offers non-profits serving the South Jersey community a variety of programs and services designed to strengthen and support the mission of your organization. Benefits include:

Your Volunteer Source

The Volunteer Center uses FundlyConnect™ online volunteer match and management mobile-friendly web application. Fundly Connect allows you to post your volunteer needs in “real-time”. In the volunteer management functionality you can track volunteers,  set schedules/shifts, confirm hours, and communicate broadcast messages when needed. Your volunteer job postings are also publicized in VCSJ’s E-newsletters and across our social media platforms, including Facebook  and Twitter.

Volunteer Recognition

As a non-profit partner, we are here to help you thank and recognize the substantial contribution that your volunteers make in achieving your mission. Each fall, the Volunteer Center of South Jersey holds a recognition ceremony to thank and honor individuals who donate time to support the nonprofit community in South Jersey. We invite you to participate in our Spirit of Community Event. For more information visit our Spirit page or call the office at 856-415-9084.

Professional development

The Volunteer Center presents a variety of workshops on volunteerism (recruitment, utilization, retention and recognition) and other professional development workshops on issues that affect the non-profit sector and how you do business. Workshops are held in our location, or we can come to you with a customized program to address your specific needs. All of our workshops and programs can be adapted for tailored on-site trainings. 

Networking Opportunities

The Volunteer Center provides its members with important networking opportunities to share ideas, successes, and challenges with others across the non-profit sector through our Volunteer Resource Network (VRN).  The program includes bi-monthly meetings, planned topic presentations and round-table discussion.  For more information on how you can participate, contact Michele Epifani at


Our regular e-newsletters connect the community, offers valuable information that you can use, and publicizes your events and volunteer openings.

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