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ECS Network

The ECS Network is now forming…don’t miss your chance to be part of
something extraordinary! 

Membership Meeting

Date:  January 28th, 2015

Time:  5:30 pm

Location:  TBD

WHAT is the ECS Network?

The ECS Network – Executives for Community Service – is a highly visible, high impact group comprised of energized, influential and social-minded leaders and business executives who will work cooperatively to improve our community.

We know building our businesses is about forming relationships, beyond customary networking.  Getting involved with the ECS Network will afford its members a unique opportunity to work alongside industry leaders in a hands-on way while making a significant social   impact.


 * The opportunity to be at the forefront of a growing network of influential executives.

 * A vehicle for businesses (large and small) to build more meaningful relationships with other business leaders and executives while working side by side for a common cause.

 * The ability to promote your organization to other community leaders, the media and society as a whole, thus garnering positive   feedback while improving company image and community relations.

 * A chance to learn best practices for creating or improving your employee volunteer program, while ensuring your social responsibility   initiatives affect your company’s bottom line in a significant way.  Ongoing projects will offer your employees a convenient way to be  continually engaged in the community, encourage teamwork and improve employee morale.

 * A forum for gaining an improved understanding of community problems.

 * A vehicle to positively impact your community, with the benefit of instant reward of seeing the fruits of your labor.

HOW will it work?

In year one, members are meeting monthly to plan and execute community service projects.  Projects will range from food or clothing drives, park clean ups, housing projects, literacy initiatives, to name a few.  While specific teams are being formed to roll out each venture, full membership collaboration is expected in support of ECS-sponsored service projects.  Each meeting will include time to network casually over refreshments, discuss current service projects, and learn about local non-profit organizations and current initiatives in South Jersey.

WHO can apply for membership?

Any South Jersey business leader committed to the mission of the Network, and willing/able to take an active role in ECS sponsored   initiatives.